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Conveyancing need not be a nightmare

We can assist with the transfer of property ownership whether you are buying or selling.

Do you need a commercial attorney

We can read or draft your contract and then help you manage compliance.

Modern approach to litigation

How we keep up to date with trial developments.

Damages for Negligence

Delictual claims often depend on some negligence by others.Read about it here.

Consultations need not always be a costly affair

But let these pages help you prepare.

Consultations need not always be a costly affair

But let these pages help you prepare.

Matrimonial Dispute?

What are your rights and what is important in dealing with a marriage dispute?

Delictual Claims

Let us advise you on how to choose between claiming, defending or settling.

Risk Analysis and Avoidance

Free up your time to focus on your business expertise. We can assist to take care of the legal stuff.

Community involvement

We actively participate in Legal Profession Development for the benefit of the community.

A little more about us

Read about our 21 years in law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I afford legal expensive services ?
  2. Where can I find a free will to draft?
  3. Why doesn't the attorney take my call every time I phone?
  4. Who is an advocate and who is an attorney and what is the difference?
  5. What is the cost of a particular type of legal service?
  6. When is my matter one that needs an attorney?

How do I afford expensive legal services ?

  • Generally, attorneys require a deposit to start a transaction.  The costs of services however can run up very quickly and pass the amount of the deposit.  One way to deal with this is to regularly pay something on the outstanding account.  As long as reasonable monthly or even weekly payments are made, one would be surprised as to how the account is managed. Every little bit helps.  Also make clear agreed payment arrangements and do not keep the attorney guessing as to when the firm will be paid.
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Where can I find a free will to draft ?

  • You can read more about wills and estates here. However the public often seeks an opportunity to get legal services for free.  Wills (provided they are not to complicated) are easy to come by at relatively low cost and even for no charge.  The best such opportunity for those who have no will, arises annually when the Law Societies have their wills week.  This is an opportunity for some free estate planning and advice and for a free will to be drafted for you. Otherwise one is often left to attempt to buy shelf or online products without the opportunity of proper advice.
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Why doesn't the attorney take my call every time I phone?

  • Apart from some obvious reasons such as the attorney not being in office due to court and other commitments, when an attorney is busy with a matter, he is dedicated to that specific client and matter. Its always good to think of it the other way around. When you are consulting with an attorney on a serious problem, you would not like that attorney's attention to be diverted to other calls etc.  You deserve full attention.  After all that is what you are paying for.  We will however get back to you and even work after hours if that is what it takes (subject to our need to take a rest every once in a while!) Thank you for your understanding and loyal support.  We will work well to make sure we continue to deserve you.
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Who is .an advocate and who is an attorney and what is the difference?

  • While both are legal practitioners, they practice under different controlling legislation. (Currently, parliament is working on a new Legal Practice Bill which attempts to get rid of many of the differences.) The most significant difference is that an attorney is also entitled to have a trust account in which moneys belonging to clients is kept while an advocate is not so entitled. Currently, the advocates profession is regarded as a referral profession and not a direct profession which means that the client instructs an attorney who sorts out and crystalizes the legal issues and facts and then the attorney instructs the advocate.  Advocates are not automatically used in all matters.  Where the attorney identifies that there is a need for an advocate on the legal team, this is discussed with the client before the advocate is instructed.
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What is the cost of a particular legal service?

  • Where possible we can try and quote you per transaction.  However in more complicated matters ajustments will have to be made.  If no particular quote is agreed on, we charge our services at R450 per quarter of an hour.
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When is my matter one that needs an attorney?

  • This is a very relevant question. In todays challenging economic climate, one should limit legal fees as far as possible.  However prevention is better than cure. Rather err on the side of caution as not doing so has in the past proven very costly for others.  Negotiate a reduced first consultation fee with the attorney and come ready with all the facts and questions. There are clear indicators that shout for the attention of an attorney, such as:
  • A letter of demand
  • A summons
  • Serious damage
  • A complicated contract (Lease,sale,partnership,shareholders agreement,employment contract,cession,suretyship)
  • A contract with fine print
  • Something involving legislation
  • When the other party has an attorney
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