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is the trade name of Barnard Labuschagne Inc company reg no. 1999/015298/21

Conveyancing need not be a nightmare

We can assist with the transfer of property ownership whether you are buying or selling.

Do you need a commercial attorney

We can read or draft your contract and then help you manage compliance.

Modern approach to litigation

How we keep up to date with trial developments.

Damages for Negligence

Delictual claims often depend on some negligence by others.Read about it here.

Consultations need not always be a costly affair

But let these pages help you prepare.

Consultations need not always be a costly affair

But let these pages help you prepare.

Matrimonial Dispute?

What are your rights and what is important in dealing with a marriage dispute?

Delictual Claims

Let us advise you on how to choose between claiming, defending or settling.

Risk Analysis and Avoidance

Free up your time to focus on your business expertise. We can assist to take care of the legal stuff.

Community involvement

We actively participate in Legal Profession Development for the benefit of the community.

A little more about us

Read about our 21 years in law.

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Our Services

While serving the community and the profession we have developed our services over 21 years to include


Whether it is court work relating to CIVIL CLAIMS | COMMERCIAL DISPUTES | CRIMINAL CHARGES | LABOUR RELATED MATTERS | APPEALS | REVIEWS | PROFESSIONAL OR OTHER DISCIPLINARY MATTERS, you are in safe hands. Often matters seem worse than they really are. Your situation may seem futile, in need of an expert or just need some care and attention. Take a look at our relevant pages by clicking on the links or CONTACT US directly.


Good commercial negotiations can often be used to avoid litigation. However if a dispute of a commercial nature arises, we can assist with resolving it. Our commercial services include the DRAFTING OF COMMERCIAL CONTRACTS and INSOLVENCY RELATED APPLICATION.

Property Deals or Conveyancing

Our CONVEYANCING services include the issuing of Conveyancers Certificates, registration of Mortgage Bonds, General or Special Powers of Attorney and Property Tramsfers in deeds offices. Read more on our CONVEYANCING PAGES.


Do you need a general or specific will or trust to be drafted?Read more about WILLS AND ESTATES here.

Law Firm Support

If you need attorney correspondents in the Helderberg, Strand, Somerset West or Cape Town areas, or require us to appear at the Regional Court, contact us here. We can also assist with law frim staff training, law firm web design or if you would like to OUTSOURCE some of your services. We are also specialists in Law Firm Strategoic Planning and facilitation. We can assist your firm to develop a workable strategy with specific action steps and a long, medium or shory yerm agenda.

Property Rentals

If you have properties you would like to let or sell, we understand speculation, passive income and the RENTAL COLLECTION and property management services you require.

Practical Legal Training

We have trained candidate attorneys and legal practitioners for more than a decade.Read more about our TRAINING HERE. Should your organization require training in CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, FAMILY LAW, HIGH COURT PRACTICE, MAGISTRATES' COURT PRACTICE, INSOLVENCY PRACTICE, DRAFTING OF COMMERCIAL CONTRACTS or PRACTICE MANAGEMENT, we can assist.

Debt Collecting

Whether it is one person or entity owing you or your business, or whether there are many debtors, we can assist. You can read about DEBT COLLECTING and other matters here.



You can view our Matrimonial Law pages by clicking  here

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