Discovery & Other Outsourcing Services

Drafting , Reading and other Outsourcing

Are you in need to outsource work cost effectively

Below we answer your need.

Conveyancing need not be a nightmare

We can assist with the transfer of property ownership whether you are buying or selling.

Do you need a commercial attorney

We can read or draft your contract and then help you manage compliance.

Modern approach to litigation

How we keep up to date with trial developments.

Damages for Negligence

Delictual claims often depend on some negligence by others.Read about it here.

Consultations need not always be a costly affair

But let these pages help you prepare.

Consultations need not always be a costly affair

But let these pages help you prepare.

Matrimonial Dispute?

What are your rights and what is important in dealing with a marriage dispute?

Delictual Claims

Let us advise you on how to choose between claiming, defending or settling.

Risk Analysis and Avoidance

Free up your time to focus on your business expertise. We can assist to take care of the legal stuff.

Community involvement

We actively participate in Legal Profession Development for the benefit of the community.

A little more about us

Read about our 21 years in law.

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Outsourcing? We can assist.

Legal Outsourcing to Barnard Labuschagne Inc.

We are South African lawyers who have been in practise for 20 years.

We offer the following advantages:

  • We are trained in the common law system;
  • We speak, read and understand English;
  • We are involved in the education of young attorneys;
  • Our attorneys are registered with the required regulatory authorities for lawyers and are elected officials of these authorities.

In accordance with the codes of professional conduct and ethics governing the practice of law in the United States and the United Kingdom, the lawyers who are not licensed in the U.S. or the U.K. do not provide U.S. or U.K. legal advice. Instead, we provide cost effective, streamlined, litigation support, performing a multitude of research, drafting and other tasks that can be done in South Africa faster and more effectively.

Our services include:

·         Document review

o   the review of for instance discovery/disclosure can be performed faster and at a fraction of the cost. This helps clients avoid the undesirable position in which legal costs detrimentally influence the success of litigation strategy.

·         Drafting

o   Our attorneys lecture in the drafting of contracts and other legal documents. The basic drafting principles stay the same no matter what legal system is followed.

·         Legal Research

o   We have access to numerous research tools to provide you with the best legal research to assist you with for your matter.

·         Litigation support

o   The litigation process is the same no matter what the law and rules, the basics stay the same, to present your client’s case as best as possible in court. With our twenty years of experience in litigation we have an intimate knowledge of what is required and could assist you accordingly.

Ensuring attorney-client privilege is a priority and something we take very seriously. We have internet and email access 24 hours a day with various ways of communication.

With our cost structure we are able to offer you a competitive price comparison. An advantage in outsourcing is that you know exactly what your costs are going to be.

We are willing to negotiate a fee structure on a case by case basis depending on the complexity and volume of work.


You can view our Matrimonial Law pages by clicking  here

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