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Consultations need not always be a costly affair

But let these pages help you prepare.

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Magistrates Court Procedure

Welcome Attorneys  to our Magistrates court Procedure Slides Page.

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Logo Downloads

the 2015 Magistrates' Court Procedure Slides

2016 Regional Civil Magistrates' Court Practice Directives

2016 Regional Criminal Magistrates' Court Practice Directives

For 2017 Civil & Criminal Regional Court Practice Directives, please download the Law Practice Assist App and Then see Litigation

2016 Presentation Slides re Legal Practice Act, section 35 & Contingency Fees as presented by Jacqui Sohn, Graham Bellairs & Ettienne Barnard at the Cape Law Society AGM

LPA2014: NEW APPROACH TO LEGAL FEES- Article by Ettienne Barnard re costs in terms of the Legal Practice Act  section 35 which is to commence after 2017

For 2017 onwards please click here to download the Law Practice Assist App and then see other tools



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