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Serving our Communities

Below we just list some of our contributions over the past 20 years.

Conveyancing need not be a nightmare

We can assist with the transfer of property ownership whether you are buying or selling.

Do you need a commercial attorney

We can read or draft your contract and then help you manage compliance.

Modern approach to litigation

How we keep up to date with trial developments.

Damages for Negligence

Delictual claims often depend on some negligence by others.Read about it here.

Consultations need not always be a costly affair

But let these pages help you prepare.

Consultations need not always be a costly affair

But let these pages help you prepare.

Matrimonial Dispute?

What are your rights and what is important in dealing with a marriage dispute?

Delictual Claims

Let us advise you on how to choose between claiming, defending or settling.

Risk Analysis and Avoidance

Free up your time to focus on your business expertise. We can assist to take care of the legal stuff.

Community involvement

We actively participate in Legal Profession Development for the benefit of the community.

A little more about us

Read about our 21 years in law.

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Community Service


Pro Bono Services

We subscribe to the Cape Law Society Pro Bono initiative. Each attorney and candidate attorney in our firm renders a predetermined amount of pro bono (free for the good of the matter) services for needy members of the public who are referred to us by certain recognized structures, as well as for schools, churches, charity trusts.

Small Claims Court

Our directors are officially appointed Commissioners for the small claims court, a court set up primarily for the needy members of society in an attempt to make justice accessible to all.  The commissioners are the judges of this community type court.  Director Sonja Labuschagne has also recently been elected as the Chair of the local Small Claims Court Advisory Committee. Ettienne has served over years on the Department of Justice & Constitutional Development task teams and assisted with drafting of various Small Claims Court project materials including a manual for commissioners and one for Clerks of the Small Claims Court (who assist members of the public at the court counters when they are making claims or defeniding them.)Below are the Commissioners and other staff of the Small Claims Court for 2013. (Photo taken December 2012.)

Small Claims Court Commissioners 2012

Public & Private Schools

Our attorneys have rendered over a decade of services to public and private educational institutions asuch as Somerset West Primary School, Elohim Christian Academy and Young Eagles Christian Academy.

Law Society Structures

We have served the profession in Different capacities on various committees and councils, including the local attorneys circle, the cape Law Society, the Law Society of South Africa and the South African Attorneys Association. Below are some of the councillors as at December 2012.

Cape LAw Society Council 2012

You can read more about our community contributions on Facebook

You can view our Matrimonial Law pages by clicking  here

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